As an acknowledged leader in professional Infrared Thermographic imaging services, equipment and training, Colbert Infrared has built a reputation for providing non-bias/non-vested, independent testing for Infrared inspection / EPM programs and delivering a superior level of service for a variety of facilities and industries world wide. With experience ranging across virtually all facility types, from corporate headquarters and data centers to heavy industrial and manufacturing complexes, Colbert Infrared provides professional thermographic imaging services at over 3,000 locations for over 500 corporate clients. This includes hotels, cruse ships, hospitals, office buildings, large data centers, heavy manufacturing, mining, power generation and utilities companies. Globally, Colbert Infrared has been setting the benchmark for IR programs at Ford, General Motors, Boeing, Harley Davidson, Medtronic, Bayer, Weyerhaeuser, Nordstrom, Holland America Cruise Line, US Navy, US Coast Guard, etc. Colbert Infrared has pioneered how professional Infrared Predictive Maintenance Programs are established and managed. Operational since 1985, Colbert Infrared provides Infrared consulting services, equipment sales, technical support, training and certification.  Our Infrared consulting services for Predictive Maintenance provides centralized reporting, web-based management tools, and a 24/7 Call Center and Help Desk.


Colbert Infrared Services, Inc. offers over 25 years of experience in service, training, and IR equipment sales. We have made a considerable investment in a solid corporate infrastructure allowing us to handle the logistics needs of managing regional, national and global IR PdM inspection.

We deliver the highest quality infrared inspection services available – whether electrical, mechanical, roof moisture, or building envelope/heat loss. Our professionally trained, certified thermographers often travel globally to meet the needs of our expansive client base.

We are proud of our involvement with the development of the Thermal Trend Software and are committed to offering this high-quality Infrared Database Solution as a standard service to help keep your systems up and running, safely and efficiently.

We are also proud members of the Professional Thermographers Association and are committed to performing to the highest ethical standards and level of professionalism in this industry.

Fred Colbert has created an organization capable of delivering the most reliable information to our clients, based on many of the principles of “Lean Thinking” developed by Toyota Motor Company.


NAICS: 541380


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