Colbert Infrared aims at constantly raising the industry standards bar higher.  As of the beginning of 2013, our team of thermographers are pushing the bar even higher with the next generation of advanced web-based report generation.  These exclusive capabilities include:
  • Ultra HD  and Giga HD Panographic 2D & 3D Infrared Images: (Standard IR images are typically less than  20% of 1 Megapixel; our Ultra HD and Giga HD images (Some of which well exceed 200 megapixels) provide for extreme high definition and clarity of image details previously not available in the market. ) (We have pioneered the fields of Ultra and Giga HD images and incorporated them into our deliverable to our customers) 
  • Virtual 3D interactive user interface allows for a total immersive and interactive experience that places you inside the screen and allows you to pan and zoom in multi-directionally with the finest details.
  • New Highlight Features (Including temperature measurements) allow for precise and quick viewing to areas of concern.
  • Online Accessibility allows for an unburdened experience of these reports and images that can be accessed anywhere you can access the internet.  
We're capable of covering a host of different inspection environments: from office complexes, pulp and paper mills, large cruise ships, hotels and resorts, hospital campuses, power generation facilities, and more.  We also work on research and development projects for many clients which keeps us at the forefront of continually developing infrared technology.
Ultra High Defenition Infrared Panoramic Images