Predictive Maintenance Program - Implementation

Corporate program development for establishing and reviewing of Infrared Thermograhy Predictive Maintenance Programs.


Fred Colbert, a Certified Level III Infrared Thermographer with over 36 years experence in establishing both In-house or outsourced infrared thermography programs world wide.


  • How do I get started?
  • Where do I go to get trained?
  • How many Thermographers do I need to have trained?
  • How long and how much experence is needed?
  • What applications should I focuse on?
  • What should I test?
  • How to test?
  • What IR Camera and additional equipment do I need?
  • What software is needed?
  • Where should I install IR windows?

Lean Predictive Maintenance

Eliminating waste while adding sustainable cumulative value

Colbert Infrared's Lean Predictive Maintenance™ serivices are based on many of the same concepts of Lean Thinking (How to do more with less waste), that were developed by Taiichi Ohono, Toyota Motor Companys executive that shaped the princple concepts of Lean Production that have revolutionized the automotove manufacturing industry in the 1980's and have spread world wide.


Examples of companies that have taken these principals and capitalized on them are Ford, GM, Boeing, Dell, FLUKE, Harley-Davidson, FedEx, Southwest Airlines, Microsoft and many more leaders in thier fields.


Lean Thinking principles are not only universal for improving the results of any type of effort (manufacturing or service), but our Lean Predictive Maintenance™ services reslult in sustained high value perfomance improvements, and the elimination of wasted effort and time in our services.


OUr exclusive Lean Predictive Maintenance™ services, dramatically reduced waste to the actives/flow of a inspection program for such methods as Infrared, Ultraviolet and Ultrasound testing.  Building a inspection program that adds value, as rapidly as possible, that is sustainable, highley effective, and effiient is the focus of our Lean Predictive Mainance™ services.


Our Lean Predictive Maintenance™ services brings together many different inspection disciplines' i.e. Infrared, Ultraviolet, Ultasonic, for a wode variety of equipment, including lighting panels, distribution systems, transmission lines, power supply units, computer chips, circuit boards, as well as various other electrical and mechanical equipment, rotationg machinery, refractory and steam boilers.


Conslulting services

Colbert Infrared delivers the high quality infrared inspection services available - whether electrical, Mechanical, Roof Moisture, or Building Envelop/Heat-loss. our professionally trained, certified thermographers are trained using leading-edge technology.  They travel throughout the U.S., Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Aisa and Australia to meet the needs of our customers.

Our experience covers a host of dfferent inspection environments: from Office complexes, pulp and paper mills, large cruise ships, hotels and resorts, hospital campuses, power generation facilities, and more.  We also work on many challenging research and development projects that keep us on the forefront of the indusry.


Our success with the design and use of the Thermal Trend™ database system has generated many satisfied and loyal clients.  Colbert infrared introduced Thermal Trend™ database system to the predictive maintenance community 15 years ago to address the number one concern of risk managers and maintenance staff - consistency of inspection quality, reporting and problem management. Today, Colbert's thermographers deliver the best, most consistent, inspection services for clients both large and small.


Infrared Programs vs. Infrared Inspections?

The success of establishing and managing a infrared PdM program is having a system in place to easily, but professionally manage all of the cumulative data that the inspections produce.  To establish a "IR Program"  and not just provide a inspection, you must incorporate a true database system or the storage and retrieval of critical information.