Research and Development

Colbert Infrared is able to offer cutting edge thermal imaging solutions for all of your research and development needs. We provide a very wide variety of services depending on your project. From PCB (Printed Circuit Boards), Integrated circuits and chips, to ergonomic design and high speed dynamic event capturing. The data analysis tools which we developed using "Thermal Trend - Image Analyzer" provides us with unparalleled capabilities for your most demanding needs.

  • Ergonomic / industrial design modeling
  • High Speed digital thermal imaging of fast dynamic events
  • Time-lapse digital thermal imaging of long lasting events
  • Time over Temperature Trending
  • Image Subtraction and filtering algorithms
  • Real-time dynamic image averaging
  • High and Low Temperature applications
  • Filtered applications
  • Histograms
  • Line profiles
  • 3D Thermal Mapping
  • Emissivity Equalization
  • Energy Calculations